Craps Betting Strategy

Which are the craps betting strategy? They vary in every game. But generally, if you have a strong knowledge of the game, you will be able to make sound decisions even if you do not have much experience. Some strategies might work for you while others might not. The key is to study the different odds and choose what works best for you. You can take advantage of different betting strategy in each game.

craps betting strategy

Best Basic Craps Strategy – Come and Pass Line and Double Bet These are usually the first and best craps bets made by novice players. Their relatively low house advantage of 1.414% makes these bets ideal for new players. When a player wins after not hitting any point in the previous game, he gets doubled the amount in his bets. So if you hit two in a row in the online casino, you get to double your money. Usually, this occurs when it is before deciding a point at the table.

Best Advanced Craps Strategy – Double and triple bets Some advanced craps strategy includes the use of triple and double bets. For instance, if a player wins after not hitting any point in the previous game, he gets triple his bets. If he hits three in a row, he gets double of his money. These kind of bets need more concentration than the basic craps strategy.

CRABS + shooting A craps betting strategy that is based on a good shooting percentage is called the shoot and hold strategy. If a player bets high and cuts his losses before the end of the current game, he can earn a high amount of money. However, if the same player starts losing on all his bets, his bankroll will decrease. In order to control the bankroll, a player has to stop betting when his bankroll is low. In order to win a game, he should increase his bets progressively when he thinks there are no more chances of winning.

CRABS + iron cross strategy Another strategy of craps are based on iron crosses. If a player wins a game after not winning any game in the series, he gets a straight iron cross. If he wins every game in the series, then he gets triple his bets. This is known as the iron cross strategy of craps.

Winning Money by Using an CRABS + Iron Cross Strategy One of the most common strategies used by new players of craps is to bet high and cut their losses before the end of the game. They assume that they will win every time they play, so they continue to bet high. However, they forget to cut their losses, which is a major mistake. After a while, they start to lose money because their bets are not winning them anything.